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PUBLIC NOTICE: Tenders for tailings storage works at MMG Kinsevere
Mardi 16 mars 2021 - 17:03

March 16, 2021

MMG Kinsevere SARL hereby announces to the public within the Democratic Republic of Congo that the following tenders are currently being prepared and finalised for future works to be undertaken at the Kinsevere Mine site;

  1. Kinsevere Tailings Storage Facility 2 Stage 9A Raise Construction (Earthworks)

  2. Kinsevere Tailings Storage Facility 2 Stage 9A Raise HDPE Liner Installatation

Contractors who are interested in any of the above tenders are required to be fully compliant with the requirements listed below and submit the required documentation for MMG Kinsevere’s review and due diligence checks prior to acceptance as a possible participant in the tender process; (Failure to submit these documents, references etc will result in disqualification from participating in the tender process)

  • Copy of ARSP Registration (Private Sector Subcontracting Regulatory Authority) in accordance with the amended Mining Code and Subcontracting Law including the following documents;

    1. Legal documents from competent authorities having a RCCM number, a National Identification number and a NIF number

    2. Document stating that it is good standing with the local Tax Authorities

    3. Proof of affiliation to a Social Security Organisation (CNSS)

    4. Articles of Association

  • Detailed Expression of Interest aimed specifically at each individual tender listed above including Audited Company financial statements for a period of the last 3 years, annual turnover, manpower availability, Plant and equipment availability (indicate Owned vs Hired) and a Management Organisational Chart

Rep. : 63, Avenue Colonel Mondjiba

Local 10A Site Cotex Filiale de MMG Limited (HKEx 1208) T +243 99 601 0033 Ngaliema, Kinshasa

MMG Kinsevere SARL Capital : USD 350.228.311 RCCM. CD/L’SHI/RCCM/14-B-1480 (NRC 9324) ID Nat. 6-118-N43735Y N.I.F. A0800394N

MMG Kinsevere SARL

7409, Avenue de la Révolution Lubumbashi République Démocratique du Congo

T +243 81 710 8143 [email protected]

  • Submit a list of similar sized projects previously undertaken by the company including Client information, Contract Value, whether a direct contractor or a subcontractor, contactable references for each project.

  • Contractors to provide a sworn affidavit that it has not been previously blacklisted, suspended or is currently involved any in disputes or penalty claims whether previous or current relating to any contracts undertaken.

  • Contractors will be required to provide relevant Performance and Retention Guarantees against any contract awarded to them stemming from the outcome of this process.

    All relevant documentation is to be provided to the MMG Kinsevere Representatives listed below with clear indication of the relevant tender they are interested in participating, no later than the 22nd March 2021.

    All the documents need to be submitted in ENGLISH. Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by a translation with the original non-English language document.

    Any queries should be addressed to the MMG Representatives as listed. On behalf of MMG Kinsevere SARL, we thank you for your participation.

Mr Matsoso Mokhatla Specialist Sourcing and Contracting

Mr Gary Nel Senior Specialist Sourcing and Contracting

[email protected]

[email protected]

The General Management


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